I decided to start giving blogging on my website a shot. I previously was running things through my Tumblr, but when you can only post 10 photos per-photo post (or unlimited in a text post but you have to upload each photo one at a time), it just wasn't cutting it. So I figured this would be my best bet. I'll be sharing a lot here, so keep an eye out!

On a more relevant note, this past Sunday I headed down to Philadelphia to take some photos of Vanna at a one-off show they played with From Autumn To Ashes, Sleepwave, and Extinction AD @ Underground Arts. It was my first time at this venue, and I was pleased with the layout of the venue and lighting for the show. While no barricade shows are one of my least favorite shows to shoot, I would shoot a million Vanna shows without a barricade.

Photos taken with a Nikon D750 and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8.

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