Vans Warped Tour 2016 - Alyson Coletta

41 shows. 7 bands to photograph. 53,833 photos taken. 1 award show. Dozens of new friends. Thousands of miles traveled. Countless memories made. Vans Warped Tour 2016 is finally over. My first tour is officially completed. Having this as my first tour is absolutely insane. I will never understand how this happened, but I will never take it for granted. It's kind of fitting, though, because the first show I ever photographed was Warped Tour in 2012. If you would've told 13 year old me that in a little less than eight years I would be traveling the country to document seven artists on Warped, I never would've believed you. Current me still even feels like this is a dream.

My entire life changed because of this summer. I learned a lot about myself, about life, about the industry. I left with a greater appreciation for how much work goes into each show on a tour - especially something as large as Warped Tour. There were ups and downs. Good days and bad days. I found a better version of myself in the midst of all the chaos that happens every day. I learned to be proud of my work. I pushed myself as hard as I could to keep myself above my standards even if it meant losing sleep. I eventually learned how to keep a strong work ethic and still have fun when my work for the day was over. I felt at home even when surrounded by strangers. I made new friends who now feel like family. I got to experience my first award show where I watched my friends take home awards. I discovered new artists and fell in love with their music. I laughed harder and smiled more than I ever have. I fell in love with life all over again.

This summer I got to work for the wonderful label that is Epitaph Records. I worked at their tent alongside Emilio, the very talented videographer for Epitaph on Warped Tour, as well as photographed all their artists and helped second shoot some videos. I had the pleasure of photographing Avion Roe, Every Time I Die, Falling In Reverse, SayWeCanFly, Sleeping With Sirens, The Interrupters, and Too Close To Touch. Everyone from the band members to their crew were incredibly kind. Not a single person I met was rude or unwelcoming - it was good vibes all summer long. Even the stage managers were all nice enough to let me run around their stages every day. I am eternally grateful to have had such a wonderful experience with everyone I worked with. I can't thank everyone enough for letting me be a part of their journey.

I narrowed down my 53,833 photos I took this summer to around 3,000. While most of the photos I kept will remain unseen for now, I've selected some of my favorite photos from each date of the tour. I hope you love these images as much as I do.

Thank you to Epitaph Records for giving me this opportunity.

All images were created with a Nikon D750, Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8, Nikon 50mm f/1.8, and Nikon 85mm f/1.8.

Special shout out to Matty Vogel for his blog on his workflow on tour for keeping me sane and organized this summer.

Avion Roe - Dallas, TX

Avion Roe - Dallas, TX

Every Time I Die - Dallas, TX

Too Close To Touch - San Antonio, TX

Every Time I Die - San Antonio, TX

Sleeping With Sirens - San Antonio, TX

Every Time I Die - Houston, TX

Avion Roe - Houston, TX

Falling In Reverse - New Orleans, LA

Every Time I Die - New Orleans, LA

Too Close To Touch - Nashville, TN

The Interrupters - Nashville, TN

Too Close To Touch - Atlanta, GA

Falling In Reverse - Atlanta, GA

Every Time I Die - St. Petersburg, FL

Falling In Reverse - St. Petersburg, FL

Every Time I Die - Orlando, FL

Avion Roe - Orlando, FL

Too Close To Touch - West Palm Beach, FL

Avion Roe - West Palm Beach, FL

Avion Roe - Charlotte, NC

Every Time I Die - Charlotte, NC

Avion Roe - Virginia Beach, VA

Too Close To Touch - Virginia Beach, VA

Falling In Reverse - Syracuse, NY

The Interrupters invading Less Than Jake's set - Syracuse, NY

Sleeping With Sirens - Syracuse, NY

Too Close To Touch - Camden, NJ

Avion Roe - Camden, NJ

Too Close To Touch - Wantagh, NY

Avion Roe - Wantagh, NY

Sleeping With Sirens - Hartford, CT

Avion Roe - Hartford, CT

Falling In Reverse - Scranton, PA

Too Close To Touch - Scranton, PA

Sleeping With Sirens - Mansfield, MA

Avion Roe - Mansfield, MA

The Interrupters - Darien Center, NY

Every Time I Die - Darien Center, NY

Avion Roe - Darien Center, NY

Falling In Reverse - Burgettstown, PA

Every Time I Die - Burgettstown, PA

Sleeping With Sirens - Columbia, MD

The Interrupters - Columbia, MD

Avion Roe - Holmdel, NJ

Falling In Reverse - Holmdel, NJ

Sleeping With Sirens @ The APMA's - Columbus, OH

Too Close To Touch @ The APMA's - Columbus, OH

The Ghost Inside @ The APMA's - Columbus, OH

The Interrupters - Noblesville, IN

Sleeping With Sirens - Noblesville, IN

Too Close To Touch - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Every Time I Die - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Falling In Reverse - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Avion Roe - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Too Close To Touch - Cincinnati, OH

Avion Roe - Cincinnati, OH

Avion Roe - Cincinnati, OH

Sleeping With Sirens - Auburn Hills, MI

Too Close To Touch - Auburn Hills, MI

Blake Kunkel (Merch for Too Close To Touch) - Auburn Hills, MI

Every Time I Die - Tinley Park, IL

Falling In Reverse (Ryan before & after the set) - Tinley Park, IL

The Interrupters - Shakopee, MN

Sleeping With Sirens - Shakopee, MN

Too Close To Touch - Milwaukee, WI

Falling In Reverse - Milwaukee, WI

Sleeping With Sirens - Milwaukee, WI

Sleeping With Sirens - Maryland Heights, MO

Every Time I Die - Maryland Heights, MO

SayWeCanFly - Bonner Springs, KS

Sleeping With Sirens - Bonner Springs, KS

Too Close To Touch - Bonner Springs, KS

Sleeping With Sirens - Salt Lake City, UT

Too Close To Touch - Salt Lake City, UT

Every Time I Die - Denver, CO

Falling In Reverse - Denver, CO

Too Close To Touch - Denver, CO

Too Close To Touch - Denver, CO

Every Time I Die - Albuquerque, NM

Too Close To Touch - Albuquerque, NM

Falling In Reverse - Phoenix, AZ

The Interrupters - Phoenix, AZ

Too Close To Touch - San Diego, CA

The Interrupters - San Diego, CA

Falling In Reverse & Living The Dream - San Diego, CA

Sleeping With Sirens - Mountain View, CA

Too Close To Touch - Mountain View, CA

Falling In Reverse - Pomona, CA

The Interrupters - Pomona, CA

Every Time I Die - Las Vegas, NV

Too Close To Touch - Las Vegas, NV

The Interrupters - Nampa, ID

Sleeping With Sirens - Nampa, ID

Sleeping With Sirens - Auburn, WA

Too Close To Touch - Auburn, WA

Too Close To Touch - Portland, OR

The Interrupters - Portland, OR

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