December is the most wonderful time of the year. Why? Because that means it's time for Every Time I Die's annual holiday extravaganza. Last year was my first year experiencing this wonderful weekend of festivities, and as soon as it was over, I was already looking forward to the next one. 7,000 tickets were sold over the two days, and a good amount of those people flew in from all over the world. Some traveled from as far away as Australia. The band has cultivated a family more than a fan base, and watching people that became friends through the band finally get to see each other for a couple of days, and make some lifelong memories, is a beautiful thing.

Originally I was going to be missing both days this year, and I was heartbroken I was going to miss out, but the universe works in mysterious ways. The last three shows of my tour I was on got postponed, and that meant I was able to fly home and make it up for the second day of TID The Season. I was overjoyed to be reunited with so many wonderful humans - even if it was just for a day.

Even if you've never heard of Every Time I Die, I recommend checking out TID The Season next year if you're local to Buffalo (or in need of a road trip). This band operates in a way that I've never seen. Aside from being able to rip a 26 song setlist with ease, they care about everyone that gives a shit about them. They are always available to their fans, they are always helpful (they even make a comprehensive guide to Buffalo for reference if you're from out of town), they raise money for charity at the event every year, they make sure to express how much they appreciate the people that work for them, and everyone's well-being is important to them. There's no such thing as them believing they're "too cool" for anyone, and that can be hard to come by these days.

I'm very thankful these 5 guys have welcomed me into their family, and I will never take a day I get to create content for them for granted. There are not many people like them, and for that, I am thankful they are part of my life.

A special thank you also goes out to Hana - she is the reason my last-minute appearance was possible.

Enough of me being sappy, though. Here are photos from the second night of TID The Season. Hope you like them!

Gear used:

2 Nikon D750's

Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 Opera

Nikon 50mm f/1.8

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